Discover your unconscious secret now

  • Why are you dissatisfied with yourself?
  • Why do you not find your calling?
  • Why do you fall again and again on the same / the same / the same!
  • Why don’t you break the vicious circle?

Here is your solution,
an instruction manual based on the StärkenTest®.

Good – let’s take salt. Depending on what you want, you can salt or refine something with it, right? In the same way we are also suitable for the one less for the other more?

The instruction manual for life.

is your individual solution,
because you get to know yourself from a different side.

Imagine that you only tackle the things that are easy for you and that you now
now know how to tackle things that were difficult for you before.

Is that super?

Some examples from customers:
You get annoyed with your messiness. Or that you are always helping others. Or maybe you have a hard time getting used to new circumstances? Or you are a person who is always suspicious and always wants to be in control. Which is sometimes very exhausting.
And everything you have done so far to change it has lasted only a short time, if at all.

Now there is a solution for you. The StrengthsTest® helps you find the hidden answers to your questions, and at the same time you learn more about yourself and others! Your instruction manual.

What is the special?

There are countless tips. Some things work for you, others don’t.
That’s because you can’t learn it, or what strength type* you are. Because depending on your strength type, you learn better differently.

With your manual you know which type* you are and can now translate the tips for you or you can immediately recognize what works for you.

There is even more, even better, you learn to use your strengths so that your weaknesses no longer have a chance to control you.

Just fill out the StärkenTest® (approx. 2 minutes) and learn more about yourself, your environment and your strengths. Find out who you are, what influences you and how you can deal with it better.

Do you recognize good opportunities?
Then please also use the coaching offer for yourself.
Because every constellation has its own meaning to your current topic!
current topic!

*Thanks to brain research we know, 90% of our actions run unconsciously, this part belongs to it. Our “type

The effect

The human being concentrates in life on what he does not have or cannot do. We think our own strengths are self-evident.

Good – Take salt. It can be used many times and depending on the use you can salt or refine something, right. What is it now?

Imagine that you now find the solution:

  • Your love, your relationship or find out how to keep it alive.
  • Your calling/ mission
  • You find yourself and can better assess others.
  • Disputes and conflicts will come to an end.

Peter Christian Rabeneck has already supported countless people with this StärkenTest® and freed them from eternal issues.

“Please, let’s stop trying to get a handle on our weaknesses and
instead focus on our strengths.”

Peter Christian Rabeneck

Now is your time.

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